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Happy New Year!

Welcome to In To Your Heart.

In To Your Heart READ from Right to Left ^w^ Teruki is Osamu's Childhood friend, Teruki has always loved his childhood friend Osamu will Teruki be able to hide his one-sided feelings? This is BL-Yaoi story comic/manga Updates:26/12/2016 How's everyone? happy holidays! Hi i'm tosei/smallfly (chisana hae) pls bear with me as i draw them ;v; Update: 08/03/2017 Hi! I'm Tosei, I apologized for not updating the 2nd chapter, I've been busy with a sudden project, although i manage to find a time to draw the 2nd chapter, (ths month);v; again I'm sorry! , pls expect the 2nd chapter parts by mid March , Thank you so much! ;v;

In To Your Heart launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of In To Your Heart! Comics coming soon!

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